JEWELS: Veronica Henry

I don’t know the story behind this ring at all, except that it was a present to my beloved grandmother from my grandfather, I think for their fortieth wedding anniversary.

But I’m going to give it a story of my own.

I was very close to my grandmother - she was the archetypal slightly bonkers Anglo-Irish eccentric, and taught me the fine art of walking into a room without being afraid. We were as close as we could be given that she lived in Ireland, and from her I got my love of food and friends, preferably combined. She had a warmth and spirit that made her redoubtable and unforgettable.

When I got divorced, I really missed her, because she would have been unflinchingly stoic in her advice, but would have given me confidence too.

One of the worst things about getting divorced is taking off your wedding and engagement rings. I felt naked and unprotected and vulnerable without them, almost like half a person: no longer a wife. I felt like a shadow or an impostor.

I decided to wear my grandmother’s ring instead. As soon as I put it on, I felt strong. As if her love was with me. As if she was giving me all the confidence and joie de vivre she had. I’m going out into the world with it on, and I shall write myself a new story, knowing I have her protection.

People often ask me what kind of books I write and it's a very difficult question to answer in one sentence. Primarily, I love to take my readers somewhere they might like to be, whether a gorgeous house in the countryside or on a seaside clifftop. There, my characters go through the trials and tribulation of everyday life, embroiled in situations and dilemmas we can all relate to. Love is at the heart of it, but all kinds of love, not just romantic: the love of friends and family, or a place, or a passion for what you enjoy (food, wine and books, in my case . . .)

I have a background in writing television drama (Heartbeat, Holby City) so that has been an influence - creating lots of characters whose lives impact on each other. Working on The Archers I was taught 'Make 'em laugh; make 'em cry; but above all, make 'em wait'!

I hope my books are beautifully written, uplifting and a little bit escapist. I'd love to know what you think, so do leave a review. Or you can contact me via Twitter @veronica_henry, or on Facebook or Instagram @veronicahenryauthor

A little bit about me: I live by the sea and head to the beach every day with my dog Zelda. I love cooking and discovering new restaurants on city breaks, with a bit of yoga to offset the calories - and I've just bought an e-bike. My biggest writing influences are HE Bates, Nancy Mitford, Jilly Cooper and any book that has a big rambling house and an eccentric family . . .

A Day at the Beach Hut: Escape to the coast with this delicious collection of short stories and beach-hut inspired recipes from Sunday Times bestselling author Veronica Henry - the perfect summer treat!

On a shimmering summer's day on the coast, the waves are calling, the picnic basket is packed, and change is in the air...

A family enjoy their last holiday at a much-loved beach hut. The tide brings in an old face - and a new temptation - while a writer's retreat is shaken up by a surprise arrival. The simple pleasures of the seaside compete with the Instagram dream, a couple's future is turned upside down, and a celebratory evening takes a stormy turn. And as the sun sets, an unexpected romance is simmering...

From a windswept breakfast while the surf's up, to a romantic seafood dinner under the stars,
enjoy a little taste of the seaside - wherever you are.

This uplifting collection of eight original short stories and over fifty delicious recipes will transport you to the golden sands of Everdene for a perfect day at the beach hut.

Your favourite authors love to escape with Veronica Henry's feel-good stories!

'As uplifting as summer sunshine' - Sarah Morgan
'A delicious treat of a book' - Milly Johnson
'An utter delight' - Jill Mansell
'Truly blissful escapism' - Lucy Diamond
'A heartwarming story combined with Veronica's sublime writing' - Cathy Bramley

You can find out more about Ronnie's books here, and they are available from Amazon, Waterstones, and all good bookstores. 'A Day at the Beach Hut' will be published on 10th June and can be pre-ordered here.



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