Festival round up

Rachel Billington, Lea Sellers, Victoria Hislop, KLB
c Emirates Literary Festival

How are you all? Temperatures in the mid 50s here, and already dreaming of the summer escape. For those of you who would like a sneak peek of my next book, 'The Taste of Summer', the lovely folks at Orion have copies on netgalley here.

Meanwhile in the US, you can win a copy of The House of Dreams here. If you'd like to know more about the incredible true story which inspired the novel, you can read more about Varian Fry and the beautiful house in Marseilles in a piece I wrote for the History Reader, here.

Emirates Festival of Literature have just released some great images of the 2016 events - if you have a chance to book for next year, it's an amazing week. The next festival coming up is Tiverton Lit Fest in June, and I can't wait to fly over. If you've ever wanted to write historical fiction, join us at Tiverton Castle for a masterclass in how to get started. It should be a great day - I grew up near Tiverton and went to school there, so it feels rather like coming home, (or possibly like the return of the prodigal daughter ...). Hope to see you there.

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