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The Road Home

  How are you all? It's May Day Bank Holiday here in the UK, and joyous to be out in the sun with the dogs, planting in the garden and hiking in the woods. For a whole host of reasons it's been a long, long winter for many and I'm so glad to be thinking about summer, aren't you?  Great to see the brand new Norwegian audiobooks from Strawberry Publishing this week. I loved my trip to Oslo, (and it's the first time anyone rolled out a red carpet for me). The new books have been read wonderfully by actress Sibeth Hoff, and I hope you all enjoy them in Norway.   Our thoughts are very much in Europe at the moment, and our hearts with the people of Ukraine. It's hard to process that there is war in Europe again. Many of my books were inspired by the stories of my grandparents and great aunt, by their bravery fighting with the Resistance in Holland. 'The Perfume Garden' (Parfymehagen, at the Oslo launch above), is all about love - particularly maternal love, an

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