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Guest: Jenny Kane

  T oday, I'm delighted to welcome Jenny Kane to WKDN. We first met several years ago on the Romance panel at Taunton Literary Festival . Jenny is the only writer I know with a brass plaque above the cafe table where she can be found working each morning ...   Q: Writing and family life is a constant juggling act - is that where the coffee shop comes in? Absolutely. I’ve never been able to write from home (until a combination of lockdown and a fast approaching deadline forced my hand and moved me into my garden shed!). The nearness of ironing, washing etc that needs doing is such a distraction when I’m at home – so escaping to a place where I can’t see it all silently nagging at my conscience works for me. At the coffee shop, not only do I have the pleasure of physically ‘going to work’, but I get good coffee made for me by someone else. And, of course, my fellow coffee-sippers provide an endless source of inspiration!   Q: Jenny, can you tell us a bit about your writin

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