How are you all? It seems impossible that it's twenty years since I first saw Dromquinna, inspiration for Diana's castle in the new book. I fell in love with Kerry, with the magical drive out to Dingle. I imagined Diana even then striding around the countryside, and carried her with me for years until I wrote this book. If you ever get the chance to go to Ireland, jump at it. It's heaven on earth.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been hosted at some wonderful book blogs talking about the inspiration for the story, and you might enjoy some of these posts and discovering some great new book sites:

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Always Need More Books the real thing - why real books will always be more loved than ebooks

Cal Turner extract

The Bookcosy - the juggling act (how to balance writing and family life - or not)

Which brings us back to the original title of WKDN: if your juggling skills could give the Cirque du Soleil a run for its money, this is the blog for you. Nearly fifteen years worth of posts are archived away here, and hopefully plenty of tips for anyone just starting out on their writing journey. I hope you enjoy them. Blogger and feedburner are stopping email subscriptions, so for those of you who read by email - thank you. I'm sorry they are stopping this service, but I hope you'll follow along @katelordbrown on Twitter and Insta where I'll flag up any new posts.

Happy reading x