Sunday, 12 April 2015

Gardening Leave

"Gardens are not made by singing 
'oh how beautiful' and sitting in the shade" Kipling

This week the chance to sit in the shade would have been a fine thing, but we've been battered by the worst sandstorms in fifty years. The children's schools closed early (rather like the snow days we had growing up in Devon), and Spring Break began hiding indoors from the choking yellow dust. However, on the other side of the world a big ambition was fulfilled - a beautiful edition of 'The Perfume Garden' has just been released in America and Canada by Thomas Dunne and St Martin's. I'm really grateful to the team of people who made this possible, from the agents to my publishers, and proud of how the book has turned out. Thank you - to everyone involved in producing the book, and everyone who has read it so far, or written to ask when it will be available in the US. 

Here are some chances to win a copy:

Bookworm's World:

Perfume Shrine:

Books a la Mode

Teddy Rose Book Reviews

There are some more guest posts and giveaways to come, so come and say hello on Twitter @katelordbrown, and there will be exciting news soon about the next books. 

Meanwhile, the temperature here today is hotter than Death Valley a local writer friend cheerfully said, and the dust storms are blowing back into town. Heat, humidity *and* sand - you're spoiling us. Time for a short break - wishing you happy reading and writing, K x
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