Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Days?

The #100happydays project is a good one. It's deceptively simple - find one small everyday thing that has made you happy, and mark it. Gratitude, training your eye and your heart to be thankful for even the smallest thing adds up - it becomes a habit, a good way of living. 
Why not sign up and give it a go? I've just begun over on Instagram.

To say 'Happy Easter' to those of you who celebrate it, here are a few of this week's highlights:

Mona Hatoum's show at Mathaf

Easter Sunday at Sheikh Faisal's

I'm also glad to share the announcement that Bloomsbury
have asked me to do a workshop for them next month -
if you're in Qatar, hope to see you there.

Meanwhile, the real garden is blooming and the
first figs are ripening. Another small every day thing
to be mindful about and thankful for. Have a great week x


Georgina Troy said...

Happy Easter to you too, Kate.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Thanks, Georgina - hope you had a good break too :)

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