Thursday, 31 May 2012


To celebrate publication of The Perfume Garden on 1st June, just 'like' the Facebook 'The Perfume Garden' page or leave a comment on the blog for a chance to win a signed copy. All names will go into a hat, and the winners will be drawn at the end of the book tour on 30th June. There are guest posts coming up throughout June on some great writers' sites, so I hope you'll enjoy exploring this month. x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Here's One I Made Earlier ...

How are you all? I'm back in the desert after a solo trip half way round the world with two small children, and gradually coming to terms with the shock and loss. The funeral had its amusing moments. The Welsh cousins arrived en masse at the house - they are powerfully built with thick white moustaches like my grandfather's, and in their immaculate dark suits they were mistaken for the undertakers. Panic ensued as everyone thought the funeral was starting early. It was incredible hearing, and reading, all the tributes to Dad. Yet again it makes you realise how brief, and precious life is, and more than ever it makes you want every moment to count. Grief is a strange, limbo state - it's not as they say in the books a neat progression from shock, denial, anger to acceptance. It's cyclical, it catches you out. I've had days of restless energy - an urge to do something, make something new and good, (which is when I made today's video - my first - a book trailer for 'The Perfume Garden'), to days of raw, aching loss. As C S Lewis said 'absence is everywhere. It is like the sky.' Hope you enjoy the video - and do comment. If you'd like to know how to make one, let me know and I'll do a 'how to' post later on. Right now, I'm off to water the real garden as 55 degree days are here. Life goes on, and on. x

Monday, 7 May 2012

One Thing I've Learnt ...

This is one of those times in life when I'm reflecting on a host of things, but today why not visit lovely Liz Fenwick's blog where we are talking about One Thing I've Learnt. Liz has a different writer posting each day this month, to celebrate the launch of her debut novel 'The Cornish House' which will be published by Orion in May. Big congratulations to Liz - hers is an inspiring example of how sheer determination and talent win through. As her blog says: Just Keep Writing x
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