Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Truly, Madly, Deeply

I've been chunked - and no, that's not some kind of April Fool's Day joke. It's publication day for the RNA's shorter Truly, Madly, Deeply ebooks, and I'm honoured to be with fellow hist fic authors Anna Jacobs and Sarah Mallory in TMD Part 7   or you can find us in the complete Harlequin anthology along with many other bestselling RNA authors.

You can find out more about Anna's work here, and Sarah's here.

I'm going to be writing about the inspiration for my story, 'The Language of Flowers', over on the History Girls next month. At the moment you can read an interview with the multi-talented Carol Drinkwater on the site - if you've loved Carol's wonderful series of 'Olive Farm' books, do hop over and find out more about her latest novel.

Hope you all enjoy 'Truly, Madly, Deeply' and I'll leave you with a clip from the beautiful 1990 film of the same name. My long-standing crush on Alan Rickman dates back to that film. It's highly amusing to my daughter - 'What do you mean? You fancy Snape?' I confess I made her take a photograph of me next to Snape's costume at the Warner Bros Harry Potter studios ...  (Correction: I've just been informed that AR's charms extend to the YA #1 Harry Potter fandom too - 'He's cool, and I love his voice').

Talking of which, here is the stunning scene with Juliet Stevenson in which AR recites Neruda. If you enjoy this, (I could frankly listen to AR do the shipping forecast and be transported), do search out the film, it's wonderful x


  1. So happy to be in a chunk with you and Anna, Kate. The Anthology is Truly, Madly, Deeply enjoyable!

  2. Good luck with the new TMD, Kate. I am sure The Language of Flowers is as inviting to read as all your books are. You never told me that you have a soft spot for Alan Rickman. I worked with him on An Awfully Big Adventure. The film was based on the Beryl Bainbridge novel of the same name.
    Next time we do an interview together or have a cup of tea, we can have five minutes of Alan Rickman stories.

  3. Thanks, Sarah! x

    Love to, Carol. Just told my daughter you worked with AR - *hugely* impressed, a grin from ear to ear ;) x


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